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Too many people die while climbing the perilous mountain of their goals. Disappearing into the depths of some ghetto, satisfying only your minimal needs, using your aura of mystery to acquire minimal friendship, and just living each day as it is dealt to you, might solve these issues. We all want to de-clutter. To throw things out. But a minimalist lifestyle is bullshit unless you can do it across every sheath in the daily practice : not just physical, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual.

More importantly is to throw away the baggage, the grudges from the past that years from now will mean nothing, give up on the ambitions for the future that are more trouble and anxiety than they are worth, to de-clutter your brain. Imagine you have enough in the bank. Imagine your prior responsibilities are all taken care of.

You can go to India and live there for 20 years on almost nothing. Nobody knows who you are. You are brand new. You have no connection to the past and no goals for the future. Really picture every detail of it. When I visualize it I feel a great weight lift off my shoulders. I want to feel that way all day long. Follow me on Twitter and then you can always track me. I also like with vocals. I actually think this is the version they play, but without the vocals. By submitting your email address, you will receive a free subscription to Altucher Confidential.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — You Disappear by Christian Jungersen. You Disappear by Christian Jungersen ,. Misha Hoekstra Translator. As Frederik becomes more a stranger before her eyes, the revelation that he has used his position as headmaster to embezzle millions from his school's treasury turns Mia's private crisis into one that involves the community. Consumed by her new obsessions, Mia must reexamine everything she thought she knew about her marriage and herself as she too starts to change.

You Disappear is an unnerving and riveting psychological drama that challenges our notions of how we view others and construct our own sense of self. Jungersen's clear, spare prose and ceaseless plot twists will keep readers hooked until the last page. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published January 7th by Nan A. Talese first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about You Disappear , please sign up.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Did anyone find the ending really abrupt? I felt like there were missing chapters at the end. The movie and the book had a couple of really signficant differences, though I loved the movie because I am a huge fan of the stars of the film.

But we never find out how the trial goes and if he went to jail, cause the book ended before any of that happened. I thought this was really odd, unless there was a sequel planned. See 1 question about You Disappear…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 05, Cheryl rated it liked it Recommends it for: Susan. Shelves: library , translation , fiction , medical , scandinavian , denmark.

This was an interesting exploration of what defines the essence of a person. When a person's personality is changed or distorted by brain disease or trauma, which personality -- pre or post injury -- is the real one? How does that affect the person's partner and friends? The combination of neuroanatomy, chemicals and hormones result in a unique output, and disruption yields a new output -- is either one less valid or real than the other?

And how does it all affect the partner's obligations to th This was an interesting exploration of what defines the essence of a person. And how does it all affect the partner's obligations to that person? Or should it? Interesting and thought provoking, and well researched. View 2 comments. Nov 26, Helene Jeppesen added it. This book is so hard for me to rate, because even though I did find the story very enthralling and very much interesting, I also found the writing style a bit odd at times.

And even though I understood the main character Mia and felt for her in her struggles, I also despised her and her reactions at times. I think you need to be in this situation yourself to truly understand it. I like how this story is supported by pictures, fragments of articles, science reports and the like, but I didn't feel This book is so hard for me to rate, because even though I did find the story very enthralling and very much interesting, I also found the writing style a bit odd at times.

I like how this story is supported by pictures, fragments of articles, science reports and the like, but I didn't feel like they became truly realistic because of the writing style - the writing in the article didn't feel like the writing of an article with its odd vocabulary and structure. All in all, I have a hard time rating this book. I'm between 3 and 4 stars, but that's all I can say Mar 01, Jill rated it really liked it.

The tumor, situated on his orbitofrontal cortex, coordinates emotions, modulates those all-or-nothing signals, and provides a more nuanced human expression. Yet even after surgery all this is at the very beginning , Frederik remains overly impulsive and indifferent. Worse, it quickly comes to light that he has embezzled from his local private school, quite probably when the tumor was in its development stage. Is he responsible for the crime? Was he aware of what he was doing? But even more importantly, who is the real Frederik? Not brain-damaged, Mia is hindered with a distinct lack of empathy.

Physiologically and emotionally, what lies at the core of our personhood? Jungersen, should make You Disappear a runaway winner. Yet there are two things that kept me from totally connecting. The first, I suspect, is an overly literal translation. The second is that Chrisitan Jungersen seems to straddle back and forth between enlightening and educating.

The research he put in is too publicly on display, keeping me from immersing into that alternate world of a fictional work. That it then stopped growing until he earned to compensate and, for three good years, became more like himself again. The questions raised are so compelling that I recommend it, despite my own subjective reservations. Aug 14, Bibliophile rated it it was ok. The irrational behavior of Frederik, husband, father and private school principal, turns out to be a result of his personality altering brain tumor.

He loses any empathy he might have had for his loved ones, and is arrested for having embezzled money. As their life unravels, his wife Mia hangs on to the "it's not him, it's the tumor"-explanation.

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Egomaniacal Mia herself doesn't have a tumor to blame for her toxic personality. She wallows in self-pity, obsesses about her teenage son's sex life an The irrational behavior of Frederik, husband, father and private school principal, turns out to be a result of his personality altering brain tumor. She wallows in self-pity, obsesses about her teenage son's sex life and is blithefully unaware of her own culpability. She knew Frederik was liar and a cheater long before the illness, but hey, all men are.

At least that's what Mia and her friends think. The way they make excuses for appalling male behaviour, you'd think every man in Denmark has brain damage. The one decent man in their midst, devoted to caring for his sick wife, seems too good to be true. Turns out he's only a nice guy because he bumped his head in the same accident that disabled his wife. The questions Jungersen poses about free will, identity and accountability are interesting, but as a novel this didn't work for me.

Mar 04, Anna rated it did not like it.

So this book started off really good and I mean really good. But as the story progressed I realized that I absolutely hated the main character. It ended up becoming a struggle to even get to the end of the book because every page I read, I got closer and closer to simply not being able to take another word of her self-pitying, selfishness. She actually put it best when she said that her soul "laps up egotistical pleasures and neglects my son and husband while stealing a sick woman's future.

With how great this book started off, I now feel letdown and more than a little bit disappointed. View all 4 comments. Jan 10, Ms. Shelves: translated-into-english , fiction , neuroscience. Is there such a thing as free will? It's a philosophical question that assumes heightened urgency with each new revelation in neuroscience. Empathy, the unconventional connections that comprise wit and a sense of humor, behaviors and expressions that define our uniqueness, and even memories, in short, all the traits we apprehend as personality, can be parsed into a flow of chemicals, and electrical impulses stimulating various regions of the brain.

Author Jungersen selects as his subject orbitof Is there such a thing as free will? Author Jungersen selects as his subject orbitofrontal damage, caused by a tumor, in the brain of Frederik Halling, the brilliant and committed headmaster of a small elite private school.

Interspersed throughout the story are explanatory texts on neuroscience. These are the texts Mia, Frederik's wife, from whose viewpoint the story is told, uses to educate herself about her husband's tumor and the effect it has on his neural functioning. It is characteristic of frontal-lobe syndrome that the person who suffers from it mistakenly believes he is healthy and completely unaffected. No test or argument can convince him otherwise.

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The absence of empathy for others, and of a sense for when he is about to make a poor choice, often leads to a radically altered way of life for a person with orbitofrontal damage — even one whose injuries are so minor as to be undetectable by conventional psychological tests. Mia recounts their history together. The last three years of the marriage have been idyllic. After years of dedication to the welfare of the school and its children, Frederik had finally taken more time off to spend with the family. That decision coincided with a traumatic episode in their lives. Mia discovered Frederik had been having an affair not for the first time , and she threw Frederik out of the house.

Then, their teen-aged son Niklas discovers her passed out on the floor next to an empty bottle of vodka, and she wakes up in the hospital, after having her stomach pumped. Frederik is there when she wakes up, and resolves to be a better husband. Since then, their marriage has felt perfect. It is a shock she can scarcely endure that this period of happiness might end so soon, and so abruptly. The trajectory of the story up to this point appears predictable. Mia struggles with her fears of being a caretaker to an invalid for the rest of her life.

She is convinced that Frederik will never fully recover, and is appalled by his symptoms of alternating rage and indifference to her, and his own inability to admit that the malady has changed him. Her feelings of loyalty and obligation are mixed with rage and guilt. The needs of the caretaker in this situation are given scrupulous coverage by Jungersen. Jungersen has been misleading the reader, just as Mia has been misled. Frederik's tumor probably began to affect his behavior at least three years ago, when he became a more attentive husband. The radical change in his behavior was the conversion from distant workaholic to solicitous family man.

She remembers that six years ago, Frederik gave her a cheese for their anniversary. Could that be considered out of the ordinary? But that was six whole years ago. Now, Jungersen throws in another shock. Frederik had been embezzling money from the school and lost it making speculative investments.

The school is now bankrupt, and Mia dedicates herself to uncovering evidence that the tumor is to blame in a desperate effort to prevent Frederik from going to jail. Mia turns to Bernard, a disabilities attorney she met in her support group.

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  • Bernard is everything Mia could ever want in a man. He's loving, devoted, empathetic, and sensitive. Despite the fact that he is married to a severely handicapped woman who was injured in a car accident, Mia falls in love with Bernard and they have a clandestine affair. But now, here is the final shock Jungersen throws our way. All of this time, we have been viewing things through Mia's eyes — Mia, the ultimate unreliable observer. Though she denies trying to commit suicide that night her stomach had to be pumped, the reader is filled with doubts.

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    We see her continue to rage at Frederik even when it's obvious that he has recovered. Proof of that recovery is supported by his strengthened relationship with their son, Niklas. Finally, we learn that Bernard was also in the accident that injured his wife. He suffered a massive brain injury that totally altered his personality.

    Mia is the one who displays the lack of empathy and unrestrained impulsiveness of neural impairment. It's great that you came. Of far greater interest to him are the infinite permutations and ongoing processing of experience as it affects the human brain. There is no static self.

    Instead, the chemistry of our brains shapes and synthesizes experience. Without such a belief, the resulting conclusion of chemical determinism would be unbearable. Yet brains are flexible! What we experience, what we think and feel, what we read — all these things leave their traces on the brain, traces that can be as hard to alter as if we were born with them. The prose alternates between outbursts and studied self-consciousness.

    The result is disturbing when the author forces us into unexpected perspectives. One could easily imagine it being equally effective performed as a play. Surprisingly, that information is not on the main entry of the book, so I thought I'd add that here. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I won this book in the Goodreads lucky draw : I began the journey of you disappear sometime back and it felt the narration just started out of no where,without any context what so ever.

    This book took sometime to interest me. With diminished interested I kept on turning the pages. I was not really impressed by the introduction and the conclusion of the story, but the in between plot kept me hooked to it. I really enjoyed the core idea that the book dealt with. The fundamental idea of the book is I won this book in the Goodreads lucky draw : I began the journey of you disappear sometime back and it felt the narration just started out of no where,without any context what so ever.

    The fundamental idea of the book is to make us think.